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A Beautiful, Confident, New Smile Awaits You!


Dr. K. N. Trivikram Rao ( Dr Vikram ).

B.D.S , Fellow, I . C . O . I ( U. K ).P.G.C.A(MANIPAL).
Cosmetic dentist and Implantologist

Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Implants, Root Canals and Crowns and Bridges.

No Braces

No Surgery

3-4 Visits

5-7 Days

16 Years of Experience

6500 Cases Done

No Age


Think of the last time you posed for a snap/selfi   on your smart phone? Did you flash your pearly whites or did you hide your teeth? If you are the one who has been hiding your smile then read on to know how you can achieve a STUNNING SMILE MAKEOVER in less than a week.  Smile makeovers by Expert Cosmetic dentist Dr Trivikram Rao (Dr Vikram) have enhanced thousands of smiles in the last 16 years. Skilfully blending science and art, Dr Trivikram can “sculpt” a more attractive smile for you in just 3-4 visits in 5-7 days.

Gone are the days when you had to settle for chipped, stained and crooked teeth or bad ugly filling and crowns. A revolution in newer technology and materials ensure that cosmetically enhanced teeth now look extremely natural and last longer than they did in the past. Today, many people benefit from modern Cosmetic Dentistry. A wide range of techniques are available that can enhance almost any smile.

A smile is a powerful way for you to communicate.

A new smile will help make a great impression – both personally and professionally.

Cosmetic dentistry, Smile designing, Smile makeover, Smile Sculpting, Aesthetic Dentistry .

All these terms indicate the same treatment options. In simple words it means sculpting a better smile by changing the alignment, shape, colour and texture of your existing teeth with the help of ceramic/porcelain crowns/veneers. This treatment is not a surgery and your teeth can be straightened without braces/orthodontic treatment and can be finished in just 5-7 days. SEE Before & After PHOTOGRAPHS for Proof


1. Who needs cosmetic dental treatment?  

 Any adult having teeth with gaps, crooked teeth, oversized, small teeth, dark teeth, protruding or fractured teeth is a candidate for smile makeover

COSMETIC PROBLEMS -Any of the following problems is the reason for you to see us.

Bad Alignment Bad Alignment with gaps
Bad Alignment Bad Alignment with gaps
Bad Crowns Bad Decay
Bad Crowns Bad Decay
Crowded and Proclined Teeth Crowded Teeth
Crowded and Proclined Teeth Crowded Teeth
Discolored Teeth Discoloured Teeth
Discolored Teeth Discoloured Teeth
Extreme Decay Extreme Gaps
Extreme Decay Extreme Gaps
Teeth Gaps Midline Gap
Gaps Midline Gap
Overlapping Proclined Teeth With Deepbite
Overlapping Proclined Teeth With Deepbite
Stained Teeth With Gaps
Stained Teeth With Gaps

If your answer to any of the following questions is “Yes” then you need to get a cosmetic evaluation done by Dr Vikram

Do you lack confidence when smiling?

Do you wish you had a smile as pretty as the models?

Do you wish your teeth were whiter?

Do you have any stained or discolored teeth or filling?

Are any of your teeth crowded, overlapping or crooked?

Are any of your teeth missing or do you have gaps between any of your teeth?

Do any of your teeth have uneven shapes due to chips, fractures or rough edges?

Do your teeth seem out of proportion because they are uneven in length?

Are you dissatisfied with the way your gums look?

Are your gums red, swollen, receding or bleeding?

All smiles cosmetic dentistry – Smile Makeover-by Dr Vikram

cosmetic dentistry

2. What is the time duration of this treatment?
The treatment takes only 5-7 days in 3-4 visits .

3. Who is a cosmetic dentist .What is the experience of the cosmetic dentist Dr Vikram? What sets him apart from the regular dentists?

A cosmetic dentist is a specialist with advanced training in the field of cosmetic dentistry which deals with any appearance related issues of teeth and smile. Dr Vikram who has undergone extensive training in cosmetic dentistry in U.K, has successfully completed more than 6500 cases in the past 16 years.

He is a pioneer in Cosmetic Dentistry in Bangalore and one of the first doctors to introduce metal free crowns/veneers for the front teeth in 2001-2002.Starting with a few hundred cases in early 2000s he has so far completed about 6500 cases of highly successful smile makeovers for different types of problems.

His keen eye for finer aspects of dental aesthetics and methodical approach to treatment are appreciated by the patients seeking better smiles. The experience he brings is invaluable.

4. Do my new crowns and veneers look natural?

Yes, they look absolutely natural and translucent unlike crowns with metal. With the arrival of METAL FREE PORCELAIN and CAD-CAM design you can get stunning results in a short time.

5.How many cases of SMILE DESIGNING were done by the cosmetic dentist in
our clinic ?

Dr Vikram who has undergone extensive training in cosmetic dentistry dentistry in U.K, has successfully completed more than 6500 cases in the past 16 years . His keen eye for finer aspects of dental aesthetics and methodical approach to treatment are appreciated by the patients seeking better smiles.

Cosmetic Smile Analysis – Please look into the mirror and evaluate your smile for the following things.

  • Your front teeth are protruding. Yes / no
  • You have crooked teeth.
  • You have dark/yellow/brown teeth or the colour is not distributed evenly.
  • Your front teeth do not show when you smile
  • Your front teeth are shown too much when you smile
  • Your front teeth have gaps.
  • Your front teeth are crowded.
  • You have broken / chipped front teeth.
  • Your front teeth crowns/ veneers DO NOT look natural or discolored.
  • You have abnormally shaped front teeth..
  • Too much of your gums show when you smile/gummy smile

How we design a perfect smile for you in less than 1 week !

The procedure (Step wise):

  1. Assessing your present smile and teeth alignment and designing a custom made smile for you.
  2. Treatment planning and selection of material for crown/veneer.
  3. Preparation of teeth and fabrication of temporary crowns.
  4. Impression making, bite registration and shade selection.
  5. Lab work to fabricate final crowns/veneers.
  6. Fixing of final crowns/veneers.
  7. Bite adjustments and recall visit.

Smile designing principles.

Horizontal Symmetry

Horizontal Symmetry:
Draw an imaginary horizontal line through the centre of both your pupils and another horizontal line between the tips of your canine teeth. Ideally, these two horizontal lines should be parallel. Often, one side slopes down.



Vertical Symmetry

Vertical Symmetry:
Draw an imaginary vertical line through the centre of your face. This mid-line should run through the centre of your eyes, nose and chin. Ideally, the mid-line should also run through your two central incisors thus making the central incisors a mirror image of each other.




Smile Width

Smile Width:
Ideally, a wide smile will show your first molar to first molar tooth. Although if you have a narrow smile you may only see the front six teeth from canine to canine.




Smile Line

Smile Line:
Draw an imaginary curve along the bottom of your upper teeth and compare it to an imaginary curve of your lower lip. Ideally, your smile should be curved in order to look younger.





Gum Line

Gum Line:
Draw an imaginary curve along the top of your upper teeth. Ideally, only the pink triangular parts of g um between the teeth show. However, some people show a lot more gum or the gum that shows is uneven giving an irregular gum line.




The Golden Proportion:
This special proportion was discovered by the Greeks and is found in many areas of nature. Ideally, the widths of each of the front teeth compared to the next follows this special proportion.




Tooth Proportion

Tooth Proportion:
Ideally the width of a tooth should be approximately 80% of the length. However for patients those wear/grind their teeth, this ration is closer to 1:1 as the teeth have shortened and become squarer. This is a way to measure exactly how much tooth has been lost over the years and is often used to rebuild edges of teeth to their ideal proportions and perfect smile.



Embrasure Space

Embrasure Space:
These are the little triangular like spaces between the tips of the front teeth. Without embrasure spaces, the teeth would look like flat piano keys with no character to them. Ideally, the embrasure spaces should be smallest between the two central incisors and gradually become larger as you examine teeth further into the mouth. An ideal feminine smile tends to have more definite round embrasures.




1. INDIVIDUALIZED SOLUTIONS -At ALLSMILES we understand that the needs and expectations of each patient for cosmetic problems are different. So, we design the smile solutions keeping those things in mind. This happens at the initial treatment planning stage to give you the best smile.

2. PERSONALIZED ATTENTION IN THE LAB WORK -Each cosmetic case that we undertake, i.e. From the initial treatment planning stage to final finish, we work with the best labs and master technicians .We have the best equipped labs and expert master technicians at our personal disposal. Every crown or veneer we deliver is personally crafted by the chief doctor and master technician by working together. So in effect you get a smile personally designed by the best in the field .

The work Expert handling of clinical work with state of the art materials. Attention to detail and advanced planning of each case. Ordinary work due to lack of experience and expertise.
The laboratory A premium laboratory which delivers true masterpiece for every patient. Your crowns will be made from metal-free porcelain. Mass-produced work. Lacking detail. Low quality crowns are often made of porcelain veneered over nickel alloy, which may cause allergies.
The end result Superior quality and natural looking crowns that appear great feel good and last long. Substandard results with crowns that look opaque and black margins at the gums.


All smiles cosmetic dentistry – beyond ordinary-by Dr Vikram

Cosmetic Dentistry

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