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Tired Of Loose Dentures ?

Are you tired of your removable dentures because of

  • loose fit
  • discomfort while eating
  • food lodgement under the dentures
  • poor quality of chewing
  • poor aesthetics and phonetics.

Removable partial/complete dentures can result in low self esteem and poor quality of life due to the above reasons. Now you can change it with the help of IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURES or IMPLANT SUPPORTED FIXED TEETH.

Bring back that feeling- of having FIXED TEETH.

How IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURES can change your life?

  • Firm fit.
  • Very good comfort while eating.
  • Excellent aesthetics and phonetics.
  • Safe and long lasting.
  • You can almost eat anything like you were eating when you had fixed -natural teeth.

What is the procedure?

The procedure involves placement of a few implants into the jaws as replacements for the roots and fabricating dentures or fixed teeth on the firm support of implants.

How safe is it for aged people?

After a through screening of the patient we accept the case. The procedure is very safe as it can be done under CONSIOUS SEDATION where an anaesthetist monitors the patient .It does not require any hospitalization. We have successfully done the procedure for numerous aged patients at Dr TRIVIKRAM'S ALL SMILES.

Authored By Dr.K.N Trivikram Rao - Dentist, Bangalore


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