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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment

When do you need an Root Canal Treatments (RCT)?

A root canal treatment is generally indicated when

  • There has been trauma to tooth as in an injury, fall or accident where tooth is fractured or discolored.
  • There is a large decay in the tooth extending to the roots causing recurring pain or swelling or both.
  • There is an opening in the gums, which drains pus through a sinus tract that leads to an abscess surrounding the roots. Cavities extend very close to the nerve extreme pain.

What exactly is done in Root Canal Treatments?

The root canal treatment procedure begins with an intra-oral X-ray, which shows the extent of tooth decay or the rounded black spot at the end of the roots indicating a decrease in the density of bone due to infection. After local anesthesia to the concerned tooth, access is gained to the nerve area by a dental drill and a hole is made which leads to pulp chamber. Cleaning the tooth out to remove bacteria, degenerated nerve and debris is then done using RC files. These files are a series of increasing diameter used with a twisting motion as well as up and down in tooth to scrape and scrub sides of canals.

The tooth is periodically flushed with saline or water. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, the interior is sealed by placing a root canal filling material either the same day or subsequently. The most common RC filling material, a rubber compound called ‘gutta percha’ comes in performed cones that are sized to match the files used to clean the canals. The cones are placed into the root canal (coated with a sealer) exactly to the tip of tooth, length is confirmed with an x-ray. The crown of tooth is then filled with amalgam (silver) filling which seals tooth from above.

One fine morning I had gone to a dentist for filling up one of my molar tooth not knowing that after a filling I will experience a severe pain in that tooth.

The constant pain pushed me to look for another dentist’s advice that is popular and authentic in their practices in the city of Bangalore. In this era of computers, the fastest way was to browse the internet when I came across “All smiles” Dental care by Dr. K.N Trivikram along with others. Immediately, I fixed my appointment the same evening and met the Doctor. As per the doctor the nerve was already exposed and hence a root canalling was the only option.

I was a bit apprehensive for this procedure since this root canalling was to be done for the first time in my life but the way the doctor explained and assured me of saving the tooth, convinced me to go ahead.

Throughout the four sittings, the root canalling procedures were done carefully and painlessly with proper instructions issued out to me. I did follow these instructions and found to my amazement that I was very comfortable and now after a month of fixing of the crown, I find myself quite normal and as natural as it could be.

All my complements goes to Dr.Trivikram, Dr. Shruthi, Dr. Kirthi and hisefficient team where each one of them attending to me including all the other staff proved to be excellent with their excellent smiles that goes aptly well with the name “ALL SMILES” Dental care.

I therefore, recommend others too to visit Dr. Trivikram, Director “All smiles Dental care Clinic” for a genuine dental advice. The clinic is situated at Shankarpuram, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

Lt Col Rammohan Rao (Retd), Indian Army, 15 Aug 2012

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