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Beware, your gums may be shrinking

Date :14/05/2015

YES IT’S true! Gums do shrink, whilst not literally as in becoming minute, yet due to various reasons, they shrivel, desclosing the roots of teeth that are meant to be covered. This, in turn, leads to a needless heap of problems like root decay, teeth sensitivity and so on thereby worsening the scenario. Check out why it pays to take appropriate care of gums in good synchrony with the teeth.

What is recession and why it happens?

Recession is a shift in the position of the gums thus exposing parts of the root surfaces of teeth.

The incidence of recession ranges from eight per cent in children to more than 90 per cent in children to more than 90 per cent after the age of 50 years. The following key factors have been implicated in contributing to recession of gums.

Faulty tooth brushing :

Ironically recession tends to be more in persons with healthy gums and good oral hygiene. This is because of wrong burshing methods and undue pressure.

Tooth malposition : Susceptibility to cringing of gums is influenced by the position of teeth in the mouth. The bone support for tilted, rotated or displaced teeth is scrawny and fragile. Hence even moderate tooth brushing or pressure from chewing wears away unsupported gums causing them to recede.

Inflammation in gums : Poor oral hygiene leads to food and other debris collecting between the teeth and gums. This causes the gums to be inflamed (gingivitis) particularly around the margins. Inflammation makes way for recession and further more enhances trapping of ebris. It’s a vicious cycle

What happens is receding gums are neglected?

Several aspects of recession in gums make it clinically significant Exposed root surfaces are highly susceptible to decay.Once the gums shrivel, the outermost component of roots, the cementum, wears away leaving the underlying dentine extremely sensitive, particularly to touch. As mentioned before, recession creates space in which food and bacteria accumulate, which is both irritating and unhealthy. Well, the best possible way to know if you’ve shrunk your gums is to ask your dentist. She will update you with the current status of health of your gums and guide you in the treatment aspects and in addition offer suitable advice on optimum gum care.

The author is dental surgeon and can be contacted at ALL SMILES DENTAL CLINIC, 26673439, 9845085230.


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