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Braces: Now, crystal clear, ceramic and charming!

Date :14/05/2015

If you thought straightening your teeth meant a mouthful of shiny silver, then welcome to new-age orthodontics! Although the regular metal brackets are very much in vogue, these new choices are attractive and save adult patients the embarrassment of a metallic smile for months on end. People, who didn’t have the opportunity to get braces as children, are considering ceramic braces straightaway instead of the routine stuff.

Besides improving dental health, reducing risk of gum disease and tooth decay or loss, orthodontic treatment help crowded/crooked teeth to better your smile. The newer braces are either clear or tooth-coloured and are bonded to the teeth and work just like metal ones. Some others hug inner surfaces, so no brackets or wires are in view, or look like see-through teeth whitening trays. Of course, the orthodontist will decide which one is best for you, but check out the different type and their pros and cons below and get ready to smile without the glint of metal!


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