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Lingual Braces : The Invisible Solution For A Perfect Smile

Date :28/06/2018

Nowadays there are so many options are available for someone who considers orthodontics to straighten their teeth. One of the latest treatment options for these is Lingual Braces.

What are Lingual Braces?

In a treatment using Lingual Braces or inside braces the bracket, wires and elastic used in conventional braces are mounted on the backside or the tongue side of the teeth. Even though the location is reversed the lingual braces technique share many similarities with conventional braces in terms of orthodontic principles and the type of hardware used.




How are Lingual Braces placed?

The following are the procedure of getting lingual braces:
Dental Impression: Firstly, the dentist will take an accurate impression of your upper and lower teeth. Then the impression will be sent to the dental laboratory along with an outlining of the desired final alignment of your teeth to make your hardware like braces and wire.
Fabricating the braces: The laboratory will make casts for the dental impression. Once it is completed the set up is scanned and the digitized information got is used to design the bracket and the wires. Once it is fabricated, this custom made will be sent to the dentist’s office.
Attaching braces: While attaching the brackets, the cementation process will be done and all of your brackets for each arch are bonded simultaneously. Once the cement has set, the dentist will break away the applicator tray and your brackets will remain in your place. Then on the secured brackets the pre-bent arch wires can be installed.

Advantages and After Care

The main advantage of lingual braces is the fact that the braces are invisible. It is considered to be one of the less visible options of invisible braces.

You should take care of your lingual braces with good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice a day and by cleaning the gum line. Also rinsing with fluoride rinse will help to strengthen the teeth.

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