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Turn them White while you sleep!

Date :14/05/2015

MORE often than not, in your childhood, your mother would have asked you to count sheep to overcome insomnia. Counting sheep is simply too boring to keep worries away or to fall asleep for that matter, researchers at Oxford University have found. An eight/hour snooze is a must no matter how you manage to get it. Small warder that it’s called ‘beauty sleep’ as it rejuvenates not just your health or skin, but if you want them your teeth too!

‘At home’ teeth whitening technique

A dental crown (or a cap) is a form of dental restorationwhich cups over the portion of a tooth This procedure also called teeth bleaching uses a plastic tray that is fabricated to fit comfortably over a person’s teeth. The person places teeth bleaching gel (which contains 10% carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient any glycerin as the non active ingredient) into the tray and the tray is worn for several hours a day, for a few weeks, as the effects of the whitening process take place. What has made this technique so popular is the fact that the tray can be worn in the night and the gel works while you sleep. It not only saves you the inconvenience and embarrassment but also minimizes the number of times you need to wear the tray.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Teeth could be naturally dark or could be discolored by chromomeric agents, repeated exposure to tea, coffee or red wine smoking, exposure to medicines like tetracycline, excess fluoride in drinking water and due to decay or trauma to the tooth.

Will it improve condition?

Definitely! A large percentage of the people who have undergone teeth bleaching have experienced a positive change in the color of their teeth. But it pays to be patient! It takes any where between 2-6 weeks (for general stains) to 2-3 months (for smoking stains) of bleaching to see noticeable results. The effect lasts for 1 to 3 years but reports have shown people being satisfied for over 7 years or so.

Teeth Bleaching will not work for: unnatural tooth shades, existing dental work like dental fillings, bonding etc. as they don’t take it up and in conditions where the dentin in is exposed (as bleaching is only for the enamel). Teeth extensively decayed and discolored had better go for root canal treatment and crown, as teeth bleaching will not serve the purpose

Your dentist needs to okay it: It is always safe to consult your dentist who will decede if you need it at all or if it will work for you. Although over the counter bleaching kits are available appropriate instructions are best taken from the dentist.

Procedural steps

A complete pre-bleaching assessment and discussion with the dentist is mandatory to be fully aware of the pros and cons as well as to clear all your doubts. Impressions of the upper or lower arches of the teeth (or both depending on where teeth bleaching is needed) are taken with an impression. The technical the fit of the tray is seen in the next appointment fabricates material and trays made of flexible plastic and adjustments are made. Detailed instructions like how to use it and when to use it and for how long are given. The gel is generally placed only on those parts of the tray, which contact the front surfaces of the teeth and other surfaces that need to be bleached. The gel is placed on to the tray and excess gel is removed with a toothbrush.

Follow up: You need to keep in touch with your dentist and inform him of any progress through out the teeth whitening treatment. As and when the desired results are noticed, the teeth whitening treatment is terminated and other dental work, which may have been stalled due to this are, completed.

Side effects: There are two common complaints that are expressed during the treatment. One is – teeth have become sensitive. For this the dentist will either reduce the amount of time you need to wear the trays or will prescribe desensitizing toothpaste, which will take care of the problem. The other complaint is pain in the gums. This most probably is due to irritation from the tray edges. It can be corrected, as the dentist will scallop the edges according to the gum line for you.

Stash the myths away

Myths like teeth whitening may cause cancer, it damages tooth enamel, existing restoration and the nerve inside the tooth hold no water and can be peacefully dismissed. If you need teeth whitening, then nothing like this! So as you indulge in your slumber, your teeth turn whiter giving you every reason to smile wider!


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