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Date :14/05/2015

Researchers at Harvard, tracking the health habits of nearly 84,000 female nurses over 16 years, found that women who ate five or more 25 gram servings of nuts per week were 27% less likelyto develop diabetes than those who ate nuts less than once a week. Well, there’s good news for the men too! The Physician’s Health Study, a study of 21,000 men, begun in the early ’80s, reveals that men who eat about 25 grams of nuts at least twice a week, have a 30% lower risk of dying of heart disease than men who hardly ever eat nuts. So, this could well be your license to go nutty over the almonds and the cashews. But beware of the other nut- betel nut, areca nut and the likes; they open the door to nothing less than cancer!

What is OSMF?

Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis or OSMF is a pre-cancerous condition, the major risk factor for which appears to be the traditional habit of using betel leaf, areca nut and lime or powdered areca nut (flavoured suparis) continuously over long periods of time. Long term ingestion of spicy food and nutritional deficiencies mainly B-complex and iron deficiency are also predisposing factors for OSMF.

The clinical picture

OSMF is a progressive condition having early, moderate and severe stages. The clinical features initially are burning sensation and pale coloured tautness on the inner aspect of the cheeks. As the burning becomes more pronounced, the tongue becomes rigid and there is inability to open the mouth due to stiff palpable bands and ulcerative lesions formed on the inside of the cheeks


Its wise to get yourself examined by your dentist if you suspect any symptoms. Strict discontinuance of chewing habits and avoiding spicy food are a must. Nutritional supplements will be recommended. Intralesional injections of steroids or placental extract and in some cases surgery are advocated in the severe stages.

The author is dental surgeon and can be contacted at ALL SMILES DENTAL CLINIC, 26673439, 9845085230.


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