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Date :14/05/2015

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that roughly 44% of men and 39% of women will develop a potentially life-threatening cancer in their lifetime. Gosh! Isn’t that scary? Well, its time to ponder and act! Despite voluminous statistics, few firm conclusions can be drawn as to the direct cause for cancer. However, with research, a number of risk factors have been identified; the important ones are discussed below. So, wake up and take charge! Smoking Cigarette smoking is by far the most important risk factor for lung cancer, cancers of the mouth and more. And many thanks

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Date :14/05/2015

Researchers at Harvard, tracking the health habits of nearly 84,000 female nurses over 16 years, found that women who ate five or more 25 gram servings of nuts per week were 27% less likelyto develop diabetes than those who ate nuts less than once a week. Well, there’s good news for the men too! The Physician’s Health Study, a study of 21,000 men, begun in the early ’80s, reveals that men who eat about 25 grams of nuts at least twice a week, have a 30% lower risk of dying of heart disease than men who hardly ever eat nuts. So, this could well be your license to go nutty over

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Dental Implants - Restoring The Confidence In Your Smile

Date :03/05/2017

A necessary and reliable technique for those suffering from the inconvenience and confidence issues of missing tooth, dental implants is an advanced alternative for conventional dentures. A dental implant involves an artificial root structure for tooth, which is implanted into the jawbones to support an artificial tooth or crown. Dental implants are God send alternatives to wipe off the woes of people who have lost their teeth due to injury, decay, periodontal diseases and so on. They offer a natural look, feel and a sturdy base to the replacement teeth and aides in better and comfortable chew

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Dental Implants -The perfect solution for missing tooth

Date :26/08/2017

Comfort and convenience are two things that value a lot in life. Missing one or more tooth could be a severe blow to both of these. While you could overcome the inconvenience with treatments as conventional as dentures, they do not offer a perfect solution to the dilemma, neither aesthetically nor functionally. Dental implant have been one gem of an innovation in dental treatment technology. They permit you to bid adieu to the loose and slipping dentures with élan! Although dental implants are available in many dental care centres across the country, it’s important to make a wise

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Craft Best Smiles with Dental implants

Date :28/09/2017

Dental implants are the best solutions for sorting out most of the tooth issues and craft your smile to improve your self-confidence. The dental implants can be called as the artificial tooth roots acting like a permanent holder for the replaced teeth.     Edentulous are more likely to receive the benefit of dental implants. After dental implantation process, they will be felt and functioned like the natural teeth roots. The natural look of the crown is made possible with the help of custom crafts. dental implants are the new standards in tooth replacement is modern dentist

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