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Instant Smile Makeover With Composite Veneers – It’s Just Like Magic!

Date :20-1-2019

Did you know that you can make your smile from faded to fantastic in a single day? Know more about this amazing transformation from “Dental Veneers”.

Over the years, everyone’s teeth tend to change colour and lose their shine; they may get cracked or chipped and look very unsightly.

Veneers can instantly rejuvenate your smile by removing the worn out, chipped or stained look of your teeth, and will give you the smile you have ever wanted.

Composite Veneers

  • Composite veneers are used to change the overall smile of a person by correcting cosmetic dental issues such as a broken/stained tooth, crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth etc.
  • The shape of the tooth is corrected using a mouldable material called composite resin. The dentist will apply the required amount of this tooth-coloured material to your deficient tooth and mould it into the required shape to correct the flaw.
  • Then using a high powered laser the composite is ‘set’ onto the teeth where the material will become bonded to the tooth surface. Thus making it look natural.
  • Composite veneers make your teeth stronger and last more than five years.
  • Minor dental imperfections can be easily treated using this method and it takes less than a day, which is the greatest advantage.

Are composite veneers right for you?

Composite veneers are the perfect solution if you are looking for:

  1. An affordable procedure.
  2. You don’t want to spend too much time on dental procedures and love the convenience of getting back your smile in a single day. The procedure sometimes needs just an hour to correct minor issues.
  3. You have minor imperfections in your teeth such as cracks, stains, gaps between your teeth etc.
  4. You want to instantly improve your smile for a wedding or an upcoming event.
  5. You prefer a less invasive procedure which would retain the tooth’s strength and structure. Often no dental injections are required.


DR. K. N. TRIVIKRAM RAO @ the Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Only an experienced dentist can perfectly use composite veneers to improve a person’s smile because the mould or the resin has to be accurately and aesthetically sculpted to regain the shape of the tooth, and this requires artistic skill as well.

Our team of doctors and staffs are well-trained and are experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry. We promise to offer guaranteed results which are evident from our proven track record. So if you are searching for a place offering the best dental veneers in India, then your dental woes end right here with us because we simply are the best.

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