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Date :14/05/2015

Here are a few trends and finds in dental care that will promote health, aid in upkeep of hygiene and leave you ‘all smiles’!

* A review article in the Nutrition Reviews suggests that cheese tops the list of tooth-friendly foods. Researchers surmise that cheese thwarts cavities by neutralizing harmful acids in plaque, enhancing the removal of cavity-causing sugars and by remineralizing tooth enamel with calcium and phosphorus. But don’t overdo it; cheese is typically high in saturated fat and cholesterol!

* Rinsing your mouth with water after a snack or a meal reduces the bacteria in your mouth by 30%, significantly cutting your risk of cavities.

* Gentle scraping of the tongue helps remove bacterial colonies and opens up the taste buds. However, vigorous scraping can injure the papilla causing a burning sensation. Avoid cleaning the tongue more than twice a day and preferably use a brush instead of a metal scraper

* A recent USDA study found that individuals with the worst diets are also the most likely to be missing teeth after age 50. A balanced diet with a fruit or vegetable a day, will definitely keep the dentures away!

* The stuff that keeps your teeth sturdy also protects their foundations- the gums! State University of New York researchers found that people who got more than 800 mgs of calcium a day had half the risk of gum disease than those who consumed 500 mgs of calcium a day or less. Calcium, apart from dairy products, is present in leafy greens, almonds and whole beans. So, go on, milk your gums!

The author is dental surgeon and can be contacted at ALL SMILES DENTAL CLINIC 26673439, 9845085230.


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