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Fight tooth decay with flouride

Date :14/05/2015

CLICK onto the the Internet and you’ll find scores of people selling a multitude of mineral formulas that claim to treat ailments from liver spots to diabetes. The age-old nutritional wisdom held that you needed only minute quantities of these minerals to treat shortage-related problems. But, today, given the state of the typical modern diet, reserchers say that a pill may be just what you need to prevent deficiencies in the first place as well as to supplement yourself for a balanced diet. Minerals, in this age, are being touted as the answer to a large number of health-related fears. O

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Tartar trouble - Get rid of it

Date :14/05/2015

IF YOU’RE the kind who spends less than a minute brushing your teeth in the morning and may or may not repeat the act before bedtime, with no time to think about it in the interim, the odds are that you’re most probably unaware of exactly how clean your mouth is. Of course, its not easy to be eager and excited at 7 am or at 11 pm, but the benefits of the care you take are entirely yours. /read on about the consequences of neglecting good oral hygiene. What is tartat? How does it form? Dental plaque, which is a film of microorganisms, readily forms on surfaces of teeth after one t

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