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Bad breath?Take this smell test

Date :14/05/2015

The repercussions of bad breath aren’t as severe as you think they are. They’re worse! People avoid you; climbing the career ladder at the workplace seems like an increasingly difficult task and of course, you lose out on relationships. The sad part for you is that it’s tough to tell if you have vampire breath, because your sense of smell adapts to your own odours. Unfortunately, your neighbour’s sniff sense doesn’t adapt to your stinks and that’s adapt to your stinks and that’s where the problem begins. Here are some ways. to test your breath and gaug

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Save your sense of taste

Date :14/05/2015

AMONG our five special of touch, vision, taste, smell and hearing taste unsurprisingly, is extra-special to most of us for obvious reasons. And why not? Craving for food is attributed more to the taste of it than to hunger. What’s more, while we gorge on our favourite foodstuffs, if we’re getting healthier, then, that’s somthing to chew on, isn’t it? One of the editions of the Journal of American Medical Association published delicious research reports last year, that chocolate is not as wicked as it is made out to be! In fact, it contains flavonoids that lower blood pr

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