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Articles By Dr. K. Sruti

The way to a man’s heart is through his mouth!

Date :14/05/2015

Right, the age-old saying has been slightly modified! ‘Cause we’re not talking about winning over or person through his stomach with delicious tongue-tingling foodstuff as the proverb rightfully suggests. Far from it! This discussion centers on the fact that infection can enter the blood stream from the mouth and end right in your heart! Unbelievable but if you neglect the maintenance of good dental health, its not exactly heart warming! And before we go on to infective endocarditis, catch this bit on what sugar can do to your heart. Think twice before adding extra sugar to your co

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Who needs it? How is it done? And what determines its cost?

Date :26/03/2018

Cosmetic dentistry, in simple words, means changing the alignment, colour, shape, and texture of your existing teeth with the help of ceramic/ porcelain crowns or veneers for sculpting a better smile. Cosmetic dentistry, smile makeover, smile sculpting, smile designing, aesthetic dentistry, all comes with same treatment options. The procedure: Step 1: Assessing your present smile and teeth alignment and designing a mock-up if required Step 2: Treatment planning and selection of material for crown/ veneer. Step 3: Preparation of teeth and fabrication of temporary crowns. Step 4: Impression ma

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