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Articles By Dr. K. Sruti

Get to the root of it!

Date :14/05/2015

EVER wondered what anti-ageing formulae you might use when you need them? Don’t go too far. One of the solutions is right there in your mouth! As crazy as it might sound, your teeth are one of the best anti-wrinkle treatments there is. As you start losing teeth, you start losing jawbone, and once the bones on your face shrink because they are not supporting teeth, your face sags! The idea is that you can save your teeth; whether the tooth decay is in the initial layers of the tooth (when the cavities are filled) or whether the tooth decay has spread into the deeper, inner aspects of the

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When your tooth pops out!

Date :14/05/2015

FUNNY as it may sound, there are chances that an entire tooth could pop out of its socket in the mouth as a result of a fall or other accidental means. Well, the good news is that you could have it back in place in your mouth if your’re able to preserved it well and transport it safely to your dentist within a stipulated time period. Such an injury is termed ‘avulsion’ and is three times more frequent in bys than in girls and occurs most commonly in children 7 to 11 years of age. Quite often an avulsion injury involves only a single tooth, which is mostly the central inciso

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The pregnant pause

Date :14/05/2015

FROM times immemorial, women have been perceiving pregnancy with mixed emotions. The excitement and awe of impending motherhood in most cases erases all minor issues from the mind, oral hygiene being among the first to go under the axe. ‘A tooth for a child’ is an age old saying that does not have to essentially hold good in today’s times provided a few precautions and guidelines are followed 1.Chloasma gravidarum: It is the tanned mask seen on cheeks, nose and skin right below the eyes in pregnant light skinned women during the latter half of pregnancy. It is accompanied by

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Instant Smile Makeover With Composite Veneers – It’s Just Like Magic!

Date :20-1-2019

Did you know that you can make your smile from faded to fantastic in a single day? Know more about this amazing transformation from “Dental Veneers”. Over the years, everyone’s teeth tend to change colour and lose their shine; they may get cracked or chipped and look very unsightly. Veneers can instantly rejuvenate your smile by removing the worn out, chipped or stained look of your teeth, and will give you the smile you have ever wanted. Composite Veneers Composite veneers are used to change the overall smile of a person by correcting cosmetic dental issues such as a

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