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Articles By Dr. K. Sruti

Bleeding Gums?

Date :14/05/2015

PREM KUMAR (name changed on request), 26, is a software consultant with a leading firm in Bangalore. One morning, as he was brushing his teeth, he noticed blood on the toothbrush. He ignored it as it wasn’t in the least painful. This continued for about 3 weeks or so when he decided to visit a dentist. The problem of bad breath also had been troubling him although he was brushing his teeth twice a day. Prem Kumar is not alone in his plight, bleeding gums affects a vast majority of the population and is one of the most commonly neglected conditions too. Generally, one or two days of no o

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Lingual Braces

Date :2020-11-30

Who does not long for a beautiful smile? This is why so many people today are motivated to straighten their teeth with orthodontic braces. Conventional metal braces may not agree with many due to the “metal mouth” appearance and not everybody would want to draw attention to their progressing dental work. Thus, Dr. Trivikram's All Smiles Dental Cosmetic Dentistry offers various invisible options for teeth alignment and Lingual Braces is one of them. Lingual braces have the same components as conventional braces but they are placed on the back of the teeth facing the tongue, rathe

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