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Bleeding Gums?

Date :14/05/2015

PREM KUMAR (name changed on request), 26, is a software consultant with a leading firm in Bangalore. One morning, as he was brushing his teeth, he noticed blood on the toothbrush. He ignored it as it wasn’t in the least painful. This continued for about 3 weeks or so when he decided to visit a dentist. The problem of bad breath also had been troubling him although he was brushing his teeth twice a day. Prem Kumar is not alone in his plight, bleeding gums affects a vast majority of the population and is one of the most commonly neglected conditions too. Generally, one or two days of no o

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What is a Smile Makeover?

Date :2020-05-18

“Smile! It improves your face value,” goes a popular T-shirt logo from the 90s.This is very true and, while not necessary, a good set of teeth can go a long way in improving the smile. Any process that enhances or improves the smile of a person can be termed a Smile Makeover. This can involve any dental procedure that by changing the shape, color, alignment, and texture of teeth, creates a better smile. These treatments usually take about a week and do not generally involve surgery.This is a very personalized procedure and will be different from person to person. These may invo

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