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Articles By Dr. K. Sruti

Could a Root Canal Help You?

Date :05/10/2017

How do you know if your tooth needs a root canal treatment? If you feel severe aching and kind of pressure in your mouth that stays for days, or noticeable sensitivity and inflammation in your gums, then it may be the time to treat your tooth with a root canal. What Exactly is Root Canal Treatment? Root canal treatment is performed to repair and save highly infected, inflamed, or rotten tooth. The soft tissue present inside the tooth structure is saved by this treatment. Deterioration, a process that destroys the first two levels of the tooth, named dentin and enamel, lets the infection

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Saving teeth with Root Canal Treatment

Date :15/06/18

Modern root canal treatment is faster and painless. RCT is required when the pulp of the tooth is exposed due to: * Injury to the tooth. * Decay/ Cavity reaching the pulp through enamel & dentin. * Wearing out of enamel & dentin causing damage to the nerve. Root canal treatment is usually carried out in two visits. On the first visit under the effect of local anaesthesia, root canal is cleaned thoroughly & a medicine is placed. In the subsequent visits, the root canal is filled after a thorough cleaning. Why “All Smiles” for Root canals? 1. Low radiation digital

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Root Canal Treatment For Repairing Your Affected Tooth Nerve

Date :30/3/2019

Also known as endodontic treatment, the Root Canal treatment is conducted when the pulp, centre part of the tooth gets infected. The pulp is a mass of blood vessels, nerves and sensitive connective tissues which is located right in the middle of a tooth. If it gets infected or inflamed these sensitive tissues cause severe pain in the tooth roots. If infected pulp is kept untreated, not only the pain increases but also it can affect the nearby gum tissues. The very popular RCT aims at removing the infected pulp insert an artificial filling inside the gap and then install a permanent artificial

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